19 February 2008

Agrigento - The Valley of the Temples

There is no shortage of history here in Sicily. The Greek (and the rennovated by the Romans) temples built in about 600BC still stand on top of the hill overlooking the sea. There is a walkway between the major buildings, lined with smaller, carved out caves, building foundations and courtyards. It must have been amazing to walk here when the city was in its era of glory. The extravegance is still obvious even in the ruins these thousands of years later. Of course, my kids enjoyed the history for about a half an hour... and then just saw it all as a great place to play hide and seek.... (Avery is snuggled up in a little cave just underneath Harrison's feet here). Yup.

Tomorrow, the kids and I board a plane to join Bill(y) in South Africa. We are thrilled to be with him again, to finally be in South Africa... but really sad to leave Italy, and my parents, so soon. I really am not done being here with them.... and Harrison says he hasn't gotten NEAR enough gelato (HA). Ciao.

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  1. When I was in kindergarten living in Missouri, my cousin from Michigan sent me a snowball in the mail (thinking I wouldn't have snow in a different state); so I received a zip-lock bag of water one day from a smiling mailman. ...if I could send a cone of gelato, I certainly would!



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