25 March 2008

Mountain-top experiences

Easter is a four day holiday here in South Africa. All business closes from mid-day Thursday to Tuesday morning... and most people travel for the long holiday. Since every day is a new adventure for us here, we decided to stay close to home and relax. On Monday, that relaxing took us on a hike up the mountain behind where we stay. We really are privileged to have such beauty just beyond the gate from where we live (the same gardens as we found the tortoises). The hike tested the kids' endurance... a mile straight up the steep hill and then another up and down and around the terrain before descending back to the beginning. We arrived at home with our feet sore, but our hearts and souls strong and healthy. Madyline suggested we do that hike every few days. Avery was not so eager. We'll give her a day or two.
When you come visit us, don't forget your boots.

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