14 April 2008

A special day for little guys

This morning, Emthonjeni's brand new preschool opens it's doors for the first time.
If you wanted to pray for Simphewe... this is a new role that she is actually taking the lead role in developing. Both for Emthonjeni and personally. She has been successfully managing the GoLang program for 250 school aged children. Each school day she and her team arrives at Emthonjeni at 6:30 to provide a stream of kids with breakfast... and then after school she manages an after-care program focusing on kids in the most need. There they get tutoring, and art and structured play and bible teachings and worship and love and safety and a place of belonging. For the past few months, Simphewe has been taking a class through our friends at Oasis to learn how to be a preschool teacher as well. How to work with mass amounts of little ones at the same time... and how to write curriculum that will feed in to the kids' whole development, cognitive, motor skills, sense of play and socialization. I'm so excited for her.... and inspired by her. Today is a big deal!


  1. Oh boy, do those lemons look yummy (and large)! I love looking into these beautiful eyes, through yours.

    I love you. =)


    I wanna take that little person in the first pic and put 'em in my pocket to carry around with me all day.


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