20 April 2008

Worship... Emthonjeni style

Today we went to a church near our house. It is a beautiful church, in very different ways than Mosaiek is a beautiful church. It is small, with a very mixed community... black, white, wealthy, poor. We worshiped in Zulu (Jesu Fela... Jesu Fela..) and we worshiped with a Sonic Flood song. We listened to a beautiful sermon laced with song as only the African pastors can give, from a man who was spiritually groomed in this little congregation and is now a missionary back in his own home country of Zimbabwe. It really is has an amazing little spirit. The reason we went is because we heard the story of the way this church stepped in to real life Kingdom last year when the health care workers went on strike here in Johannesburg. There was an orphanage that literally closed it's doors, with the children inside, because no one was coming to work to care for the kids. So this little church took a bus, drove to the children's home and collected all the little ones, providing their homes for the babies and toddlers till the strike was over. That is the kind of love I want to be involved with! At the end of the service, a woman approached us asking how we enjoyed the service. We chatted for a moment before she asked where we are living. When we replied "Featherbrook Estates" (and that is all we said) She said "Oh my! I know exactly where you live. The yellow house on the corner of Lyster. I was going to come over and say hello this week. I live 5 doors down from you. "
You just never know, do you?


  1. and so it begins...


  2. I am so excited !!!! Cant wait until I get there,,, Monday is just a few days away

  3. awesome.

    so glad you are there. with all that love you have inside you.


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