07 April 2008

One Hundred Bars of Soap on the floor...

one hundred bars of soap...

take one down,

wrap it around...

ninety nine bars of soap on the floor.....

This week in Emthonjeni, a team from Albuquerque New Mexico is visiting... today and tomorrow here at Emthonjeni, Zandspruit... and then on Wednesday everyone heads up to KwaNdebele till Saturday. Billy will go with them, but the kids and I will stay home this time. Here we are, on the front stoop of our new home (more on THAT good news later) wrapping up 150 bars of soap into wash clothes to bring to the hospital with the team this week. Harrison is holding on to his new rubgy ball, sporting his new favorite team... I don't remember what story he is telling... but , knowing Harrison, it was a good one!


  1. Ah, Harrison's stories... I'd so love to be there on that porch wrapping soap right now.

    Sorry I missed your called. No, SAD I missed your call. But, we love you and we miss you and we talk about you all the time.

    Look at your HOUSE!!!

  2. I love that you are giving your children such a fantastic life experience. What a precious gift to them!

  3. Oh, they look so happy and settled like they belong there... I'm sure the picture looks more settled than the reality, but for real, they look like they are doing "their thing" ~ the thing that God lead them to Africa to do, "to be". Madyline, Harrison, and Ava comfortable in there own skin, laughing and working together. Oh, how I miss them. Oh, how we all miss you and Bill deeply. There is a hole. I'm unsure what to do with it even now. But you are there and you are beautifully there. Thank you God, and praise be to him for a front stoop, hooray!

  4. what i admire about your children is they seem to be comfortable/fit in wherever they are....maybe it is what junebug says - they are comfortable in their own skin.

    keep up the good work.

  5. wow looks like there having like sooooooo much fun there i wish i could be there with you oh ya bye the way this is carl your doing so much its like realy cool

    peace,love,and hugs


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