30 May 2008


I truly am sorry for the lack of stories and images over the past few weeks. It seems I can't get my groove for various reasons... as soon as we got our internet line running, I got really sick with a terrible flu and was miserable for 2 weeks, and just as that began to subside, my eyes got damaged somehow. Today I go to the opthomologist to try and solve the problem that has plagued me for two weeks now. I simply can not see even with my glasses on, and my eyes are too irritated to wear my contacts. So, I've taken no pictures to share with you, and I'd share ones you haven't seen yet, but it is really difficult to work at the computer - I have to sit with my face 5 inches from the screen.

Continue to pray for our family. It seems like one wave after the other of annoying complication's with the kids and I that keep us from fully engaging in this world we have come to join. I'm beginning to think it is intentional... that someone is against us. But the good news is, he can fight, but he has no way of winning.

I'll be back soon... hopefully the doctor can work some magic today - or God will choose to perform a miracle - or both because often they work hand in hand.

See you soon

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  1. praying that you will be strong in body as strong as you are in spirit! much love to you! michele


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