02 June 2008

Hitting the road outside Zandspruit

Saturday was a day of celebration as the boys from the weekend computer training classes finished their term and hit the road on a 30K bike ride - complete with a stop for cool drinks halfway. Billy rode in the back of the buckie to load in bikes and boys when they needed a bit of a break. He's the photographer today. Seriously, just getting out of the settlement and riding a bike is something these boys don't have the freedom to experience often. What a sense of joy and accomplishment. By the time they were finished, they were celebrating not only the end of the computer class - but also the Independence and achievement of a good day's ride. We are so thankful for these volunteers that pour their time and excitement into boys like these here. These guys spoke deeply into a group of boys by sharing their Saturday morning ride with them. So often, people say "I'd love to help, but what can I do?" The beautiful answer to that question is that God has created each of us with things we love, things we are good at, stuff that makes us shine...........
You get to Share exactly that!
Because it really does make a difference to the person you share it with.

(And Harrison, Harrison rode nearly the entire way.)


  1. I'm so proud of Harrison right in the thick of it. Beautiful.
    Love to each of you. ~ jenand3boys

  2. Is this your neighborhood that we are looking at in the first picture?


  3. yeah, it is... isn't it rediculous? For this first year, the house that was given to us to rent (you remember the story) is in this decedant neighborhood... but one of the few that you can actually take a bike ride, or walk to a friend's house, or even have friends in your neighborhood. The security is around the estate instead of around each individual house so it creates a neighborhood with little parks and open homes.


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