18 June 2008

care to join us?

I have something exciting to say.
James made us a beautiful table.
We've spent the past 10 weeks balancing plates on our laps or picnicking in the yard -
but Sunday, we found the table we have been hoping and dreaming for. It is lovingly handmade from ironwood with the most beautiful grain. Don'tcha love being able to support a local family and get an absolutely stunning piece of furniture too?

this is James after delivering his (our) table this very morning. I asked him if it made him happy or sad to see his work in someone else's house. He grinned and answered that it made him more happy than he can explain. He said all the hours he was working on this table, he spent imagining a family sitting around it enjoying evenings together. And now, here we are and his dream is complete.

Besides the kids' bunkbeds, this is the first piece of furniture we have bought. We've been holding out for just a few great handmade pieces and then looking for used items for the rest.

Billy and Ruby-Keat having a little moment of joy together...

I thought you might want to see how big she is already!

gluten-free Celebration waffles!!

This IS a good day!



    LOVE. IT.

    missed your call... phone was with the babysitter while I got my hair cut... a small luxury, but you understand.

    And please send me your dog immediately.

  2. I love that table! Amazing!
    My sister does stuff like that too, in Kenya, she just finds someone to make stuff for her. Very cool.

    I'm coming over. Get ready.

  3. Katie.... wait! Someone else watched Rylie whilst you were at the salon? That is Mady's and my job. I kind of just thought you would wait to get your hair cut again till we got home.

    And today... you can HAVE my dog. She is in a naughty mood!

    And Diane of the ladybugs... I'll be waiting at the airport.

  4. gorgeous gorgeous handwork. I've missed your stories, but that's b/c I haven't been back to visit myself!!!

  5. the table, the house, the fam, and the dog all look fantastic!

    we still miss you way too much over here. tell everyone Jes and I say hello!

  6. LOVE your house...and that table is beautiful!!!! The dog is pretty cute too....


  7. the table and chairs are beautiful!!.....can you send James here for a visit??....and your house looks fabulous too!.......still miss chatting with Bill late nights!.....praying for all of you.......Judi

  8. My heart warmed as I read how James visioned a family using his table as he created it. Almost as if he had found a wonderful home for his beloved posession. A moment of things coming full circle was taking place which is always beautiful.

  9. ooh, trace, those waffles look amazing! maybe i'll have to come on up again ; ) Brenda XOXOXO


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