24 June 2008

a week of holidays

Well, Holiday Club week has started off with an explosion...

... an explosion of kids to be sure!

On Monday, 660 primary school kids came through the registration desks...

today an additional 145 added to their numbers.

Obviously, the staff is overwhelmed, but celebrating all the children that get this week to be loved on and learn about the love Jesus has for them. Our own Emthonjeni kids are there, along with the ladies who lead the after care project. When I got there today, about an hour before the program ended, I sat on the grass with my Emthojeni friends and we laughed and danced and were so glad all these scrambling children are someone else's responsibility this week.

Mady is doing pretty good. She was somehow placed with a group of fifth grade girls... which I think a bit much considering that most of the girls are only a year or two younger than Mady is herself. Plus, today she had 34 girls in her group. This was not a typo... 34 fifth grade girls and Madyline. She was smiling though (despite being a bit overwhelmed) and having a super fun week.

Tonight she called to say good night (really she was calling to ask me to bring her skateboard tomorrow) and got chased off the phone giggling and screaming by a gang of teenagers. As much as my heart broke to have her ditch me so quickly for friends ... it was a good sound to my ears for her to be so joyful. I heard that Mady was up at 3 this morning. The details were a little fuzzy on whether she was up till 3 or since 3 , ... but regardless, I think we need to do a caffeine detox when this one gets home on Saturday!


  1. I'm so glad your kiddos are finding their place! What wonderful conformation that must be to you...you are were God has placed you.

    Our family will continue to pray for Avery as she is finding where she fits.

    Love you!

    Oh, and I heard you sing today...I was listening to one of our worship songs on the file sharing site...and it was you! Made me smile and cry at that same time!

  2. it has been a good week. Thank you to the good Lord for that.


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