29 January 2009

a day with Pathways

Today I was invited to spend some time at a theraputic horse ranch geared for disabled individuals. I got to enjoy living for a moment through their eyes, the beauty of being able to ride a horse.... to have freedom and grace and strength. Each child was so precious. The little one in the picture above was vacant and distant, until I started singing to her - a simple song, just her name over and over- she listened for a moment, turned her attention to me and flooded with life and joy and let her body dance from within her plastic support seat. I hope her parents are given this image of her sweet sweet face. I am certain it is a picture of the little girl they know and love.


  1. oh trace - i can hear you. singing. what a gift to me and the rest of the world. every day. i love you. i love who you are - i love what you do - i love how you teach me to be a better mom and wife and sister and daughter and friend. you are a gift to me. love love love toyou.

  2. jules - i knew it was you - i totally heard you speaking over me. I miss you too. and love you dearly.


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