20 January 2009


in the past couple of weeks we've all started school...
Mady in high school here in South Africa- complete with a uniform - short skirt, sweater and tie. Grade 8, the bottom of the fish bowl. They have lawns they are not allowed to walk on, certain bathrooms they can't use, they have to stand whenever a teacher, prefect or matric student walks into the room... but she is loving it -and I'm so proud of her.
The world of high school - mixed with the new world of South African high school is a totally different experience for us. We had a note come home with Mady inviting us to parents night...dress is "smart casual" and there WILL be a cash bar. I was wondering what kind of school we sent our daughter to... I know they have a tuck shop on campus... but a cash bar?
Jae says maybe that's for the teachers.
Harrison, Avery and I at home school studying American history - we have spelling tests every day... are reading a journal of a boy living in 1805... are soaking up Marybeth's Little House on the Pairie books. Harrison is co-teaching our science unit because he knows way more about electricity and magnets than I do. Last week in Language Arts we wrote persuasive essays... Harrison wrote his all about the Lego Mobile Command Center. He has to have it. It will actually help he and his sister spend bonding time together, and keep them busy so we won't have to worry about leaving them home alone when we have meetings.... Avery, of course, used all her powers to talk us in to buying a yellow lab puppy.
Emthonjeni's GoLang program is back up in full swing with kids running everywhere. We've gone and played with them a couple days- Madyline and Sabra (Hooray- visiting for a couple days from Michigan!!) worked in the kitchen while Avery, Sam and Harrison played with the kids and schemed fundraising ideas for the center. It was sweet.
It has been a very, very beautiful couple of weeks... exhausting, but beautiful.

(avery studying on the couch with her friend, Kaiser watching on)

(harrison and his two guidebooks... the Bible, and Super Mario Galaxy... priorities, right?)


  1. These pictures and stories are GORGEOUS. It's great to hear (read) the update. And Maddy's school sounds like Hogwarts!

    Harrison - I can't find Wario in Mario 64 DS!!!

  2. My goodness, Avery, what a beautiful tan you have. Can't get one of those in Michigan lately.

  3. For that matter, lately you can't get one in Sicily, either.

    Love you

  4. seriously.. prefects and "houses", uniforms and even a "head boy". It is very british... she is loving it though - right down to the blisters on her heals from her school shoes (although she does complain a bit about those).

    and it IS summer here... hot and sticky and sunny. We are all a little browner than we would be in Michigan... and that is just fine with us.

    love you too


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