03 January 2009

... a new year

with new definition, but the same vision... to live out this life in the best way possible and walk the journey with others to grow along the way together.

This year, our hopes and dreams include

* a sharpening of Billy's role (of all the staffs' roles) at Emthonjeni...

* introduction of new , enriching programs in the community center

* finding and hiring a new assistant manager to take Dekiledi's place (she moved into the Fairland office with Billy and Estelle and Trevor)

* a sucessful school year filled with excitement, projects, spiritual growth, reaching high and discovering ourselves and the world around us... for both Madyline at Krugersdorp High and for Harrison and Avery and I at home learning together.

* definitive places for the kids to be involved with other kids in poverty here in South Africa. To provide oppotunities for ownership in our mission here.

* strengthening of relationships - for all of us, with our communities and within our family

* opportunities for me to live out of my strengths and desires - worship, photojournalism, storytelling

* our finances to be filled in so we don't feel like we are living on the edge of worry

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  1. My prayer is that God will fill your lives with wisdom, friends and finances when and how they're needed.

    Love you


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