31 October 2009

the line of food

I am loving my daily phone conversations with Billy. Technology is this amazing thing that makes it possible for me to be walking around my sister's neighborhood in Michigan, talking on the phone to my sweetheart in Africa - as close as a local call.

I'm living in a duality right now... fully loving being here in Michigan. i take a drive through Easttown and think about how great it would be to just be back here enjoying a simple life again. The kids would go to school and have friends and we could get a big clumsy dog and take her on walks to the park and we'd have normal people reponsibilites and our family and friends and church right in our backyard. Then i think about Zandspruit and how much i love it there. i love
the energy and the activity and the color and the voices and the deep African accents. I love the music and the people gathering in front of spaza shops or front doorways and i love my dear , dear friends. I love the work we do and the photojournalistic opportunties I've had and the consistant sunshine. I love the opportunity to live into people's lives... to visit amazing places... to explore deep spaces in our hearts and lives. I truly love South Africa and almost all of our life there. And then I just get so exhausted about thinking through everything i love in both places and confused about having to say 'no' to one to be in the other... that i lie down in bed for a while or take an aimless walk... or call billy and listen to his stories of the day and hang up more muddled with this duality than ever.

This other day he told me the story of Emthonjeni last Sunday. A couple of guys met with him a while ago saying they were planning a feeding scheme for a specific day - both to celebrate an Indian festival and to remember a wife that had died. They asked if Emthonjeni would be open to let them operate the day from our campus. On Sunday they came... with enough food to provide a meal for 2,500 people - and send them each home with a large food parcel. People amaze me. People absolutely amaze me.

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