09 November 2009

a new way to connect with us

We are so pleased to have just finished the process of partnering with CTEN, based out of Kerrville, TX. CTEN caught our attention because of its deep desire to come alongside regular people, just like us, who have partnered with local churches all over the world to minister into the place God has called them to join. They provide not only a 501c3 funding flow through for us... but also pastoral care, advice on all those things we just aren't acquainted with in the world of missions, and the security of a well established organization behind us. You can find them online at www.cten.org/ to read more about their ministry and the heart that we think closely matches ours.... And when you are finished browsing through all their projects and pages, you can also click on our cute little profile- You follow the link on the navigation bar that says... missionaries... then click into Africa.. and look, there we are! There is a button right there in our online profile to set up a one time or monthly donation with direct banking or you can even use your credit card (for a small fee on our end). How fabulous and easy is that?
And of course there is still the opportunity to sit down at your kitchen table and write a check out to directly benefit our ministry in South Africa at Emthonjeni Community Centre's. Those checks can be made out to CTEN(designate them to our family somehow with an attached note or in the memoline) and mail them to:
PO Box 291307
Kerrville, TX 78029-1307
We continue to be so grateful for the way we all work together to make this world a better place. You are a part of what is happening in the South African community of Zandspruit. You create our ability to live there and work there. We have no income other than the generosity of our family and friends.
We totally know that it is a terrible time financially for so many people across the globe and in our own circle of friends.. But we trust that God is speaking directly to many of those who have been in this journey with us to provide for our living and ministry expenses and even for our additional needs like school tuition for the kids. People who will literally allow us to continue this beautiful work here in Johannesburg. We can't do it unless we are all doing it together... and right now we are struggling. We are going to ask you to take a deep breath and look into your life. See if you don't feel a pulse to be a part of this amazing place by supporting us in our time here.

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