14 November 2009

Do you believe in me? - the event

Last night's event was beautiful. Thank you. Thank you to Steelcase and Design Vox for the amazing space... it was perfect and cozy and bright and had such a great feel. Thank you to Johnny and Jenny who, again, worked really hard to create a great evening. Thank you to all who brought food and flowers and candles and drinks and who helped. As always, this is every one's story because we are all a part of it in our own way.

I really wanted to create an evening highlighting hope - bringing out stories of people who are stepping out and realizing they have something to give. Remember my story about the cl inc guy a few weeks ago? That's really where this started. With a realization that even in this crazy poverty that we actually quit our jobs, gave away our furniture and moved across the country to serve into... even in that space... there are amazing people giving of themselves in the best kinds of ways. And it gets me thinking that everyone... even us... have something to give - and by giving that something, whatever it is, we can make the world a little better, a little sparklier.

I promised a few of you that I'd put a link up to the online gallery we were hosting last night. so you can hop on and order any images - photojournalistic portraits from last night (and a couple new ones) - I also put up there some african animals (my favorite... the giraffes at sunset or that cheetah that actually smiled at my camera like a five year old cheesing it up) and there are also some beautiful images from new york, spain, morocco, italy - they are available for a limited time in many sizes - shipped right to your house. And, as always, the purchase of any of these images, actually supports us and continues to provide a way for our family to keep on living in South Africa - loving on the people in the informal settlement we get to be involved with.


event code:: 73804-believe


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  1. Thanks for posting the images, Trace. So glad you're back home and that you had the chance to visit the old home. Missin your smile. -heather


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