07 March 2010

- seven -

(Harrison is the photographer today)

on Sunday afternoons, downtown Jozi, crafters of all sorts gather in the upper levels of a mall parking lot for one of the largest African art markets in our neck of the woods (can you say "our neck of the woods" in Africa? Yeah, I think so - as long as you put away your Appalachian accent). It's a whole lot of fun - with music and food and a colorful ensemble of people and their handiwork. We have a few of our favorite vendors now - and don't have to swift and dodge through the bartering games, which I'm thankful for - even though it can be fun to play along sometimes. Harrison, Avery and I drove out for a minute after church to find a surprise for a friend... and I'm wishing I would have gotten this cute little owl key chain too. Those eyes just kill me.


  1. <3 the rooftop market! and you. :)

  2. me too - I kind of go sometimes just to walk around and listen to the energy and swim in the shapes and colors. Just because.


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