06 May 2010

PayPal is our friend

In just a few more week we'll be hosting our annual Holiday Club at our home church in Johannesburg. This year's theme:: SUPER LEAGUE:: kind of piggy back's the World Cup excitement that will also be happening all around South Africa at the same time.

Most years we have about 800-1000 kids walk, taxi or bus in from all the nearby townships. Seriously. 1,000 kids all in one place. It's a bit of chaos, but truly the best kind of chaos.

Here's why I'm telling you all this now. I get to plan out the arts and crafts room again this year- and I've come up with some fantastic crafts the kids can not only make, but have something they'll enjoy taking home and sturdy enough to play with during the weeks to come.... and are relatively inexpensive. Each child will get to do two craft projects... decorate a visor to show their team spirit and the younger kids will make a bracelet while the older ones a finger soccer ball stadium. All together the crafts will cost less than $1 per child to make. Which is fantastic... until you add that up to a thousand children!

Even though you are across an ocean this summer, you can be a part of SUPER LEAGUE 2010 this year by donating toward the cost of supplies! Later today, I'm ordering a cartful from Oriental Trading to be brought her by a girand joy of joy, they take paypal ! So with a few clicks of a button, you can drop some money into my paypal account to sponsor a class of children. SO.. If you'd like to contribute... click HERE and then enter the recipient as dicoccofamily@gmail.com or you can always click on the right hand side of this page to put money straight into our CTEN account - just mention that it is intended to go toward Holiday Club supplies. I still need about $400 more than what we have in our account to make this work.

Hooray for the fun we get to create!

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