26 June 2010

the soccer season

sorry for the delay Lynette. I'm really no good if I don't have a schedule to stick to - huh?

Here in Johannesburg, World Cup is lighting a fever through the city. Flags of every country billowing on every street corner - vuvzelas blowing from all directions - communities gathering together to watch the games together. It's been a super fun vibe.

The entire country declared a school break for the 5 weeks surrounding the games - which has given us fabulous opportunities to host kids' camps... soccer themed of course.

Over the next few days I'll give you some images from the past couple of weeks - we'll do a one a day theme again... because I just seem to do better that way for now. I'm busy figuring out a new photo editing software so I'm sure these will get better as the month goes on. but for now...

see you tomorrow

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  1. See, I told you I check everyday! Thanks for the updates ;)


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