26 July 2010

and we are going

So, falling in line with all the other unexplainable things that have swirled around us lately, we were recently invited to borrow a friend's 4x4 RV and drive up through Namibia to meet them for a portion of their travelings. So with blessings (and cookies) from our pastor, we threw our clothes into backpacks... planned out some schoolwork to bring with us... packed up a few campfire meals and birthday treats (Harrison and I are both celebrating while we are away) and headed out with a map on the front seat and no real plan other than to reclaim some space and connections for family and to drive through the desert to find our friends.

I had no idea what Namibia is really like. People from all facets of our lives have said it is their favorite place on earth - and then followed it up with some comment about being able to drive for hours without coming across another living soul. That and there's a whole lot of sand. Honestly, in my most secret places, I was a bit worried. I like living things - and I'm not so sure how I feel about sand.

Our friends are extremely correct. We can drive for hours and come across no one. No cars passing us, no little houses dotting the landscape, no gas stations. Nothing. And somehow, it is absolutely beautiful. We've been driving up the Atlantic coastline - it's bizarre to be surrounded by desert, and have the ocean just over that crest. We pull in to a campsite, and it's just a series of stones on the beach letting us know where to park. We wave at anyone we do happen to pass, and they are just as excited to see us as well. We read books and make up stories and talk together and rest in silence with each other. We walk hand in hand and look into each other's eyes and laugh at the kids... these are some funny kids we have. We are reclaiming some of the joy and fine knit the last year has taken from us. We are on an actual vacation. Fancy that.

We haven't found our friends yet. Some trouble with our truck took us backwards to a town where someone could help us. Tomorrow we'll set out again - on a journey simply for the sake of journey. We celebrated Harrison's thirteenth birthday yesterday with some seals and a sunken ship we ran across. This is absolutely insane - and we love it.


  1. I'm so glad for you, be careful, you may want to live in that paradise forever...love you, hon and miss you terribly.

  2. That part of the coastline has a beauty that one can only discover. I love the area around Swakopmund and agree that it is one of my special places on planet earth. Enjoy your time as a family and the blessing of our precious Lord through nature that is evident at every turn.


  3. wishin' we were in that rv with you! ~Sharon and Brantley

  4. Dear Bill, Trace and "kroos", no wonder we cant get hold of you trying to phone your home and cel but no answer to say happy birthday to Harrison, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARRISON" enjoy every day and "Lewe ten Volle"
    Enjoy Nambia we have been there Sept last year visiting alot of Heins family who is staying there. We visited Windhoek, Swakopmund, Walvisbaai, Hentiesbaai and Okahanja. Enjoy every day and we ask God to bless you all the way.
    Love Hein and Anita


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