28 July 2010

On the edge of the world

Trying out my moble blogging today.

This was the scene I stumbled upon after Avery & I hiked the canyons.
Now, when you have a fear of cliffs, this wouldn't be your best
moment. It wasn't mine either. It's not so much that I'm afraid of
heights, it's more that I'm afraid my children are going to wiggle too
much and fall off the edge. They are pretty wiggly. So, here they
sit ... Playing cards on the edge of the world. Every time one of them
reached over for a new card, or laughed a little too exuberantly, or
breathed, I had a baby panic attack. So, I left my cookies and went
back to camp. The end.


  1. very sweet and funny!

    When I think back to some of the things I've done on the sides of mountains, I think "Really? I did that? That was really stupid and precarious!" but I made it.

  2. howsit guys....it olooks like you are having a blast over there...next time....as in seriously next time....l got to be with you guys...really need the break too...lol.......glad you safe tho....and please keep them posts coming...are having a great time with mr Wayne...cheers wayne


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