15 September 2010

...and the epic Oasis journey begins

Yesterday was my first day of shooting for the stellar NGO, Oasis SA - based in Cosmo City.

Oh my beauty - too much fun.

For the next four or five weeks, I have the privilege of
walking along with two separate rivers of Oasis' programs
- Education and Health care -

This week I'm hanging out with the education team - mainly made up of former members of Oasis' BRIDGING THE GAP program. 19-25 year olds from the community who have gone through a six month course centered around identifying their own strengths and abilities and opportunities, who are now running education initiatives all through Cosmo City. Preschool enrichment, teacher assisting at a upper primary school, tutoring, after school programs, soccer clubs.

Even after one day, I am amazed by the quality of these students
and so glad we've given ourselves plenty of time
on this project to get to really know them
and the beautiful ways they are growing by giving.

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