13 September 2010


We love to celebrate birthdays over here. When the kids were little, we went all out with themed parties and week of preparation. Now a days it's more like an "all your favorite things"day. On Friday we spent the day around Avery - so excited for her 11 years with us. So thankful that we've gotten to share life with her. Lunch out, a wander to the arcade, visiting Zandspruit to pick up just a few friends, lemon meringue pie and an evening play at the University of Johannesburg. Then Jacob, Amos and Ipeleng spent the night for a full Saturday of swimming and movies and reading (Avery's favorite favorite things).

Jacob, Harrison (Alice) Amos, Madyline, Tshepo, Ipeleng, Dikeledi

Harrison and Amos waiting on lunch -
I'm pretty sure they've snuck a video game under the table

Billy is still in Burundi - and we are all missing him deeply. The reports coming back are all so positive though. He's really having a great time - spending the weeks with stellar people and get his mind around some IT work again. He says it's hot. He says the electricity and Internet blink in and out. He says they are busy. He says he is so impressed with the team out there. He says it's not the most safe place - although they've had no issues. He says he misses us too.

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