08 September 2010

Oasis - Cosmo City

Billy is in Burundi for a couple of weeks, working with an IT team from our home church in MI - Mars Hill - It's so special that they've invited him to join them, and he's soaking in every moment. He padded his trip by a couple of days on either side to spend with dear dear friends in Kigali. I'm a little bit jealous, but we have plenty to keep us busy and summer has hit in all it's fullness and beauty.

I'm still sick over here, so my words aren't poetic or even well thought through... but I had a really fabulous conversation today with some leaders of an NGO here that I love and respect deeply - Oasis - We have this really fancy idea for me to spend the next 5 weeks with them, walking, listening, photographing. The images we create will be featured in a gallery come November. So, for the next few weeks, you'll be seeing lots of the amazing people of Cosmo City.

super excited.

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