05 November 2010

artist bio

I am hoping with all my heart you can click on this image and it will pop up big on your screen so you can read what I had to say. Artist's biographies are always difficult for me. How do I condense all I am in to one small paragraph? How do I share that a collection of my own personal experiences are what have crafted the internal filter I live out of - create out of - interact out of without starting from the beginning? How do I tell you that I'm something special and you should be impressed and inspired by me, when - just being honest - , I don't always live deep inside that truth in my own self? Well, for today, here is how.
Heading out to print this now - on Monday we'll pick up the large canvas prints and on Tuesday, we assemble the exhibition at Cresta and on Wednesday, we will gather to celebrate Oasis together.

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