12 November 2010

we had a very nice time - thank you very much for asking

Wednesday night's opening reception for the Oasis exhibition was a lovely night. About 90 people came out to celebrate Oasis with us - delightful. Arnie spoke truthfully about how their biggest vision is to journey through life together - recognizing that we are all constantly in the process of growing in our knowledge and love of Jesus and we are privledged to do explore together. Mbongeni spoke in poetry. Justice and Scotch started a song. I spoke a little about my experience over the past couple of months - and how much I love and respect these people and the way they live out their vision. I'm going to miss being a part of their weeks. I am proud to be associated with Oasis even in this little way.

and I had conversations with four other organizations who dreamily chatted about my coming out to work with them in the new year. With all this new time during my days after the kids are in school - I could be super busy and absolutely living in my sweet spot.

we had stories of individuals hanging on the gates along with images from the projects

and we created a book of many of the images I'd captured over the weeks I was with the various teams and people that make up Oasis.

Silly Amos - tired as it took three days to set up

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