01 November 2010

Remember just a few weeks ago, when the Oasis journey began... my telling you that our hopes were to turn these images of soccer kids and tutors and needles and nurses into a fancy exhibition? Well... because of the fabulous talents of the Oasis team, we are nearly there!

For the past six weeks I've had the opportunity to come alongside the team at Oasis - to soak up so much beauty and strength and inspiration - and they let me use my camera to make images of how Cosmo City feels because of their love for the community. I'm thrilled beyond words. My time of actively shooting images is over, but I still find myself driving the distance so I can drop into the offices to chat about something when a phone call would have sufficed. I'm really honestly going to miss being with these guys. Fortunately, the relationships I already had, and the ones I've discovered in the past few weeks, overlap a bit - so although this was a project for Oasis directly, it's one I don't have to walk away from completely now that it is nearly finished.

So, for now we are scurrying with all the last minute details that make a show like this great. We've been honored to be given a large space on the main floor of Cresta shopping mall. Tons of people will walk by and have the opportunity to be introduced to Oasis and the life giving things they are joining in with in Cosmo City. For one night, I will put aside my converse and dig out my dress-up shoes. Opening reception is the evening of 10 November. If you are interested in coming, let me know and I'll slip you details. Otherwise, head over to Cresta any time from 11Nov - 21 Nov and meander through the images. Sit in the shack and breathe the air inside. Read the stories of real people. People you might even meet. Rest a while on the couch, looking through the coffee table book filled with all the images from the past month and chat with some of the folks from Oasis that will be there. Stunning group. So excited for this exhibition. It's something I've been blessed to do in Michigan multiple times, but my first time here in South Africa. Does this mean I can claim to be a "world renowned photographer"??

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