25 October 2010

Help Me Unbury Wonder - Ted Loder

O God of the miracles,
of galaxies
and crocuses
and children,
I praise you now
from the soul of the child within me,
shy in my awe,
delighted by my foolishness,
stubborn in my wanting,
persistent in my questioning,
and bold in my asking you

to help me unbury my talents
for wonder
and humor
and gratitude,

so I may invest them eagerly
in the recurring mysteries
of spring and beginnings,
of willows that weep,
and rivers that flow
and people who grow

in such endlessly amazing

and often painful ways;

that I will be forever linked and loyal
to justice and joy
simplicity and humanity,

Christ and his kingdom
-ted loder

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  1. I've never heard that before and I love it!


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