03 December 2010

Christmastime is here...

We’ve talked about this before – every year we’ve been in South Africa as a matter of fact.
Christmas in the summer is just awkward for us Michiganders.

Our friends are already tromping through the snow. They are bundling up in boots and mittens to venture out into the winter wonderland and cut down a Christmas tree. They are sitting by warm fires, drinking warm drinks, dreaming of sugar plums and Christmas cookies.

We are South Africans, with Michigan deep in our blood.

So, at Christmas time, we are doing our best to create an atmosphere that will lull us in to believing it really is the festive season. We mix traditions… watermelon in the pool on Christmas day- but only after sitting in front of the fireplace for awhile. Our favorite christmas music on the radio while we are cooking dinner with the windows wide open. Carols by candlelight even though we don’t have an evergreen tree.

And snow…

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