29 November 2010

we live in Africa

Granted, Johannesburg isn't the Serengeti Plains, we've met kings and chiefs, but they tend to wear suits or jeans and look a lot like you and me, and we aren't high in the mountains amongst the Rwandan gorillas... although there is something to be said for the phrase "urban jungle". Our lives here are such a motswako pot... a little bit of everything thrown into the pot... South Africa, by it's very nature, is a bit multi-faceted. We are called the "rainbow nation" because of the many different cultures represented - we have 11 official language - it's not uncommon to see a Mercedes driving past a neighborhood of shacks. Heck, it's not necessarily uncommon to see a Mercedes driving inside a neighborhood of shacks. Life here is a balance. You can not assume anything because there are a thousand stories.

One of the stories of South Africa is animals. It's not the entire story (although some tourists might tell you so). To the locals, it isn't even a part of their stories at all. I've talked to many friends who have never seen a lion, even though we have two game reserves within 15 minutes of our neighborhood. But our family loves animals... and we love it that seeing African animals is sometimes as easy as jumping in the car with our tent for a weekend away - or hosting our American guests by taking them to our favorite local reserve. For my birthday this year, Billy took us camping in Northern Botswana specifically to see wild elephants.

Getting to see African animals isn't what our time is about here - but it sure is a special treat. I made myself a photography book on blurb.com... well, actually I made myself two books - the first is about our ministry here, but we'll talk about that one later. The other one I made is a photo journal of some of the animals we've met. One of the fun things about blurb is that I can publish my book so you can see it too - and maybe even have one printed for yourself. Maybe you'd want to give it as a christmas gift to an animal lover - maybe you'd put it on your children's bookshelf - maybe you'd set it on your own coffee table.
**this just in - feel free to use the code FESTIVE for free shipping in the US through 10 December

So... without further ado... may I present -

Journeying Safari
by Trace DiCocco

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