13 December 2010

goodness, grace and restoration

I let you know about our book "Journeying Safari" a couple weeks ago - but here is the one I've been on pins and needles to share with you. So excited!

You, who pray for us and share with us and support us, are such a valuable part of what we do here– but so often I want to paint a more tangible and accessible picture for you of what your involvement actually accomplishes. Yes, you love us… but we really want you to realize that by loving us, you are loving the people we live with in South Africa. By praying for our ministry, you are praying for each one of the people we love here. By praying for our family, you are praying blessings that we will be healthy and safe and filled with strength and wisdom and joy to interact with people every day – serving – giving all we have been given. By joining us financially, you are making it possible for us to live here. To pay our rent, petrol to drive our friends to the hospital or home affairs or simply for a visit, our grocery bills to feed the multitudes that gather in our house, You enable us to live here and to live generously.

This is your ministry too.

Now, one of my strengths is photographic storytelling. I am a proud member of the International Guild of Visual Peacemakers and I’ve had the opportunity to not only tell our own story through my lens, but to join with other NGOs in our area to explore who they are through images as well. Each year we self-publish a book of the past year’s photos - just to have, to show, to try and hold on to a piece of the highlights from a year full of ministry and relationship.

This year, we are super excited to be able to share our book with you.

Not only to browse through online at your pleasure, but perhaps to order for your very own. To put on your coffee table as a reminder of what you are a part of. To pass around to your friends or house church to explain a little bit of what makes your heart swell with pride over this space you are involved in. To give to a friend who has a missional spirit.

The text that runs throughout the book is our essay on how we view poverty and our work here – you might recognize it from our "On Poverty" page above (have you checked out our pages? Now's a great time!). I think it’s a valuable essay for anyone to read, whether they know our family or not, as the focus of missions is currently recognizing that a “journeying life together” approach to missions is so intensely valuable.
So, snuggle up and we hope you enjoy.....
Great news! Sharon says that using the code
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