31 January 2011

Adam Kenyon - We Are in Love

So, after a chat this morning with a friend that works in the parking lot of our grocery store, I had this whole complicated story swirling around in my head about the economy of Africa and lack of job opportunities and Zimbabwe's multiple crisis' and people who inspire me simply because they are literally stuck in an incredibly uncomfortable place, yet refuse to let their life's circumstances dictate their spirit.

but then before I came here to try and sort all this out and share the complexities of the world we live in with you... I caught this new video of my friend from our MI home, Adam Kenyon - and my whole day shifted. The joy that floods from this is complete. Yup, I'm sure I'm smiling huge because it's Adam, but even beyond that, it's contagiously delightful, drawing me out of myself and in to this unexplainable fullness. We'll get back to the other story another time - but for now, the joy I feel reminds me that it's my parking-lot-friend's spirit of joy in the middle of his unjust life that has captured me in the first place.

I'm now putting on an evening gown and glittery shoes and dancing my way to pick my children up from school and start the next part of my day with a light heart. And believe me, in the midst of all the chaos our world sets us down in the middle of- and we all have it- soaking in the glow of a light heart is a good, good thing.

Here's to your heart shedding some of the complexities you are carrying around today.
... for a moment, be irresistibly free.

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