02 February 2011

aurora school is nice

Aurora School - is a small private school about an hour from my house.
Actually, it's the best kind of school. My take on it was that a dozen years ago, family who owns a big farm started taking kids in and teaching them. Years passed, more kids were invited in, teachers began coming to join them, and now, Aurora is home to hundreds of primary school aged kids - literally home as many of the kids live in dorms on campus during the week. I've heard such lovely stories of kids who have finished primary school at Aurora, left to attend a high school in the area, and come back to Aurora one evening asking if they can "come home" for a day or two. Everyone wants to belong - to have rules and boundaries and love - to know they are valuable and safe.

I was invited to spend a day Aurora to take some images of the school and the kids. We'll be putting together special thank you for a church in the US who raised an insanely beautiful amount of money that will, among other things, build new dorms (currently the kids are sleeping head to toe - four in a bunkbed - every night). I'm playing around with my video function on my camera... so I asked a couple of the kids why they liked going to Aurora .... sweet, sweet voices. You are going to listen and wish you were here with them too.


  1. it sure is... love places like this one. Especially when I see the alternative government schools these kids would be attending if it weren't for private schools wanting to step in and set down a different life path for them.

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