10 January 2011


Phule just finished a year at Vulendlela - the gap year program at our local church. A year learning about themselves as people, as creations, as creators with something valuable to give. After their own program of building up, they spent time in a local high school, running sports clinics and bible studies. Phule is a great guy. Gentle, purposeful, joyful, comfortable in his own skin. I like him a lot.

A couple of weeks ago, Phule and I were talking about what might be next for him now that his gap year is over. "I don't know, I think I really like working in community service. I'm thinking about taking some short courses in community development." Crazy sweet... and one of the reasons I love these guys so dearly.

Last week was YFC camp. (one of our other Vulendlela guys has taken a year's internship at the camp this year... again, so proud) Billy and I headed out on Saturday to wish Madi a happy birthday and were making arrangements with some of the guys for lifts home the next day and I saw Phule.

"Hey Phule. Are you sorted for a ride home tomorrow or do you want a spot in our car?"

"No Trace, I'm sorted. I am going home with Bethany House." (pause for effect) "I work for them now."

Now Bethany House is a local children's home in our area. The founders, many workers and all the kids come to our church every week. One of the young guys has recently responded to a need in the community and opened a street shelter. Have I told you I am surrounded by an amazing community?? Now, Phule and I hadn't talked about Bethany House at all and I was a bit shocked... but completely delighted. A big hug and slew of questions came pouring out...

"I know, it's all just happened quickly. This week at YFC has been interview for me, and I've passed. I'm going to be working at the street shelter with Anthony now."

"Phule, this is amazing. We were just talking about your wanting to get to do work like this!"

and he quietly grins, in his sweet way, and says "I know Trace. It's like all my dreams are coming true."

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