12 January 2011


on new years eve, we hosted about 100 kids and teens at our church for an all night party. I say "we" loosely because it's not surprise to anyone that I was tucked soundly in bed back home before 10pm. But the "we" collective was out in full force. Sam, Linda, Fezile, Wayne, Mickey and Jeffrey did an amazing job keeping them going all night without lulls or misfortune. Although there was the moment at midnight when the rain was pouring down so the kids were to sit under the awning at the church to watch the fireworks, but mayhem broke out and somehow everyone ended up with fireworks in each hand... shooting them randomly , dodging fireballs, enjoying the chaos. Billy pulled a shooter away from a little one who was looking down the barrel saying "mine isn't working" just before it went off into the air. I'm going to be honest and say I'm really really glad I wasn't there. Glory be.

Madi and Morne stayed all night. They said only three little ones curled up in corners to sleep. All the rest stayed awake, filled with love, sugar and fun, and just as importantly...safe, until New Years morning.

These little ones, and the leaders, are beautiful reasons we are here. Everyday, living reasons we spend ourselves in this space. We love these guys and are proud of who they already are - and who they are becoming.

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