12 February 2011


The Valentine's Dance was last night- Ah, all that is high school.

Harrison and Madyline (and Morne) all went together - Avery, Billy and I were at a party in Cosmo City. I'm not sure which of us had a better time. It's often interesting how this life we've chosen all fits together. Parenting teenagers, providing them with a basis for life that is both true to what we believe is the most valuable way we can live - that we are meant to live outward - and yet "normal" enough to let them be kids. I think as they grow, they need to also find their own ways and grow a sense of value in their own spirits outside of what we have taught them. It's part of being a teenager. We don't always do this parenting thing well. Especially parenting in another culture. I guess that's all part of being a parent though. It's all a process no matter where you live and what life you have chosen. So we dance together through all things. And hold on to the good times. And celebrate moments when we get it right. And sit back, amazed at the people they are growing in to. They are beautiful people to be certain.

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