10 February 2011

movie time: Tswana 101 with Trace

Today you get to share some couch time with me... I'm actually kind of excited about this since many of you that I love dearly, haven't seen my face in over a year (or even more). These videos are a fun way to feel closer. Now if we could only make that video interactive and I could see you too. Oh, wait! webcam - skype - hey, we should make a date! I'd love it!!

SO - Billy and I and a couple of friends have just started a class to learn to speak Tswana. Out of the 11 national languages of South Africa, Tswana is the home language of many of our friends. I think it's been hard to learn a language, because there isn't the same sense of language immersion here as in other countries with so many different words being spoken. It's especially difficult for those of us who's brains aren't already wired to be bilingual. But we have taken deep breaths and put our minds to it. I can now truly identify with my friends back home who are going back to university after a few years of parenting... or even with my Avery & Harrison who are figuring out this whole new way of learning curve.

Here's my little attempt to share the Tswana love with you. Maybe now when you visit, you'll know as much Tswana as I do.



  1. I'll have to check back for more lessons so I'll be up to speed by June.

  2. Yeah, don't learn from me! That's for sure! HAHA.
    June is coming quickly. I've been thinking about your family and all those feelings of excitement and nervousness and anxiousness and stress and delight that I'm sure is part of your days as the beginning of the year passes.
    We'll be continuing to pray for you.

  3. So, last night I found out we have another connection. You used to be neighbors with my college roommate, Sarah! I was out with some college friends last night and was talking about connections I am making in South Africa through blogs, and I must have said your name or the name of your blog and her eyes got all wide and she said "she used to be my neighbor!". Small world!

  4. okay, that's crazy super funny! Really small world! It seems that maybe we were destined to know each other just for a time like this. God crossed our paths a few times to set the foundation. Please give Brian and Sarah all our best. Too funny.


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