04 February 2011

still thinking about school

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Thought I'd share a few of my favorite images from last week's shoot at Aurora school... kids doing what they do best when they are in a safe, nurturing place. They play, they explore, they have the confidence to be brave and to be proud of themselves. They connect the dots in their brains and learn to read & appreciate numbers and understand how things work together. I love it when that all comes out in an explosion as their hand shoots up in class with this uncontainable, butt wiggling- energy & excitement

***** i. know. the. answer! *****

We are just finishing our third full week of the new school year here in South Africa. My kids continue to struggle a little bit. Avery is learning about friendships and how to write research papers and wondering what "her thing" is. Madi has been invited into AP Maths after school. Between those after school classes, plus the ones with her new tutor... she has hours and hours and hours of maths and physical science (chemistry,physics) every week. Her brain is full, but we are excited for her opportunity to excel in what she has set before her. Harrison is just moments away from everything "clicking" and being totally fabulous... but until that happens, there are frustrations. Organizational skills to be learned, processes to be figured out, confidences to rebuild. He works his stress out on the piano at home - or inviting me on a run... which is lovely. I'm constantly proud of him. I'm constantly proud of all three of them. This is big stuff.

In just an hour, it will be the weekend in our house. Beautiful words. They mean rest and games. Sunshine and sleeping in. Togetherness, time to chat, time to just snuggle on the couch and read calvin and hobbes cartoons. We have been intentional about making time for a Sabbath for a few years now, but I don't' think I have ever appreciated our Sabbath like I do these days. We are thankful for school. We are thankful for good schools. But we are also thankful for family and home.

Our car is broken (again) this time it looks bad enough that we needed to get it towed and it seems it will be awhile before we'll see it again. Ever notice how these things happen when you are completely short on money in the first place? We've been offered a loaner by some sweet friends who are sacrificing their car for us... a beautiful gift indeed... and for Wed, yesterday and today, before we get it, we've had such dear friends step in and offer us rides and quick uses of their cars and even had some willing to pick the kids up from school themselves on our behalf. Just saying out loud how thankful we are for the community we are blessed with here.


  1. Michelle gave me your blog address so that I could see the pictures from your Aurora shoot. I just wanted to say how amazingly talented I think you are and that your pictures are incredible! You were able to capture the beauty and uniqueness of this school and these precious children perfectly! Thank you for sharing these perfect images!

  2. Sarah - thanks for saying hello! And for the sweet compliments. I really loved being at Aurora. These are precious children and each one of them is blessed by the education and love they are getting there. Thank you for letting me share in them!


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