16 March 2011

his teacher says he "oozes". I hope she means "with talent"

Oh my sweet Harrison.
Is there anyone more fabulous than you?

This week we watched Liberace on an old Muppet Show episode.
he played an amazing rendition of Chopsticks...
Harrison can't find it in sheet music anywhere, one web person suggested that there is none -
that the famous Liberace was so talented, he was able to make things that brilliant up as he went.

So Harrison has a plan to burn out our DVD watching the episode until he figures it out... measure by measure. Stay tuned. It could take awhile but I have no doubts he'll get it eventually.

But for today... for today, enjoy a real "boy" piano concert....
and the special boy who is playing.

and for your viewing pleasure....
Liberace on the muppets -

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