17 March 2011

20 boys

I'm awake at 3:00 this morning. I thought it was because of a pesky mosquito, but perhaps the mosquito woke me up so I could read this sms and share it with you before the world in the US goes to sleep & we here in South Africa wake up.

Last night (or this afternoon, depending on where you live) 20 little boys, about ages 4-9 were dropped off by the police at our friend's street shelter.

Twenty little boys

I don't know the story yet of how the police found them, or where and how they have been living. And we don't know how long These 20 little boys will be in the care of the guys at the shelter... We are told we can expect at least through Monday.

You already know of ikusasa shelter a bit. Remember my story in January about my sweet friend, Pule, going to join Anthony in running the shelter? This is where these boys will be. Living with Pule & Anthony & the guys there.

Ikusasa shelter is in emergency need of clothes, towels, toothbrushes, toys to keep them occupied all day - puzzles, coloring books and crayons - and food (like cereal, milk, fruit).

If you have a few dollars you can share- please click on the paypal button on the right sidebar - or in our "to join us" page above.

Any money you share in the next few hours and days will get used to shop directly for these boys' immediate needs.

Thanks for being a community that cares. In the face of so much shocking need (& recent tragedy throughout northern Africa & now Japan) it's easy to feel overwhelmed & insignificant. Here's an opportunity to live into that deep desire we have to be a force of hope & change.

20 real children. Right here, tonight, that i can touch with my own hands on your behalf, will wake up in a few hours with a new chance to live. I'm excited to be a small part of the redemption of their lives. Pray with me for their days ahead.

20 little boys.

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