04 March 2011

I happen to adore these kids

and they happen to be some of my favorite photographers


I have some rules when I share my camera

1. you must tell me something about yourself before I'll trust you with something as valuable as a nice camera - your name, where you go to school, how old you are - anything so we can know each other now.

2. keep the strap around your neck

3.only you are allowed to touch the camera

4. you may take any 3 pictures you want, choose anyone you want to be in the pictures, but then the camera must come back to me

5. When it gets too rowdy, It's time to be finished

being trusted is a beautiful thing. Responding with respect to that trust is a mark of growth in most of these kids. and being given the ability to create something artistic and lovely is invaluable - no matter who you are.

I adore these kids. I adore these images. I figured you might too.

(You've got to be kidding me... how perfectly adorable is this one?)

(for the rest of the series... visit my flickr page )

but maybe not till tomorrow... I'm heading to bed - good night my friends


  1. Amazing Trace - these are just amazing. Loved your words as well, absolutely believe that art is a common language for us all. XO

  2. me too Sarah - and it's lovely to choose to share that language with others who haven't learned to speak with their own voices yet. You do that so well. Inspired by you continually.


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