09 March 2011

a letter from my dad

This morning, my parents get on a series of planes that will eventually (tomorrow night) land them right here in Johannseburg for a 3 week family festival of goodness. I simply can not tell you how excited I am. This morning, Billy finds this in his email inbox. Apparently, my parents are all set to come.... and are even bringing a little extra something along with them.....

*the Craig boy's refered to are my nephews - ages 7, 2& newborn


Just before we left, I checked to see if there were restrictions on how much food we could haul into there. Here is what I found.

What can I bring into South Africa? You may bring in duty-free gifts and souvenirs to the total value of R1 250 plus 400 cigarettes, 50 cigars, 250 grams of tobacco, 2 litres of wine, 1 litre of other alcoholic beverages, 50ml of perfume, and 250ml of toilet water into South Africa without incurring duties. Thereafter duty is levied at 20%. The alcohol and tobacco allowance applies only to people over 18.

I think we are OK with food, however, I did not realize that toilet water was so valuable there. I was thinking of slipping in an extra couple of gallons, for trade and bribes. Do you have plenty of water in your toilets?? Should I bring some extra, to add extra flushes?? We have plenty of toilet water here, in fact, it I can use all I want tor FREE .... Yes, I can have a flush-fest and not pay an extra dime to for the pleasure.

Also, as we are not travelling with anyone UNDER 18, we will be unable to bring in extra tobacco and alcohol ... but, it might be advantageous to bring one of the young Craig boys next trip to take advantage of their exemption of those limitations ...

Gonna go pack-up some precious toilet water and paste in in baggies on my body ... I will try to get only UNUSED toilet water ...

-- Dad

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