01 April 2011

what a time

Thanks for allowing me some time to play hookey from dicoccoville and just soak in my parent's visit. We dropped them off at the airport last night - they are still travling, and I'm still a melencholy - but I'm so glad they were here. I was thinking last night, that as sad as I was, it's a special thing that we love each other as much as we do.

Here's just a few pictures just to give you a glimpse into our time together.

On Monday we'll jump back in to stories like normal. See you here.

(I think we wore them out... but oh, were we happy)


  1. I love seeing your family share this time together!

  2. thanks darlin'
    it was special to have them here for sure. it's been way too long - and honestly, my heart aches, worried a little bit that it will be just as long again before we see them again. I miss them too much and even after three weeks living together... I still miss them too much!

    So glad that we got this time together though. Glad for every second of it.

  3. What a special, special time for your family. I love it!

  4. thanks sandy. it was special indeed.


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