25 May 2011

samkelo is going to be a reader

I'd love for you to meet my friend, Samkelo.

He's recently been moved from his own home into a children's center - and because of that, he has the opportunity to go to school at Kingsway, the private christian school that serves kids in the settlement we've talked so much about before.

Samkelo is in grade 4 but when he came to school a few months ago, had to begin at the very beginning - by learning to write the letters for his own name. His teacher has done an amazing work this far, but now, I get to join her in his life. I'm coming in twice a week to pull him out onto a patch of grass in the sunshine and we talk about life and letters and words and numbers. He's a clever kid. I have faith that the lights will begin to turn on and he'll find that place of learning and will shine.

Last week as a special treat I made him a little book titled "Samkelo's Cat" with our first 10 sight words. We talked over the first 5 words and then I brought out the little book. He could have fallen over with giddiness and giggles. On every page he just said over and over "Oh, what a lovely book!" "this book is about me!" "I am going to read so I can read this wonderful book!" Later on, when he read an entire page by himself (It is in a basket - with a picture for the word basket) he was so excited to be a real reader now! With each success we celebrate, he will grow one step closer to becoming a reader, and his whole life's opportunities will open and change with that ability.

Yup, Samkelo is a special kid, and I'm honored to be asked to develop a relationship with him and excited to sit beside him as he learns all he's missed out on. Pray with me for Samkelo, will you?

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  1. I love reading about all the things you do! Makes me excited for our own journey to begin.


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