31 May 2011

Teacher Palesa

sometimes it's fun when you know someone to try and picture them in their professional career. What must they be like at work? Does my friend the doctor tell the same lame jokes in his office that he does around his living room? How does my favorite hobbyfarmer look all dressed up in a tie acting the part of a professional all week? What would it be like to watch my girlfriend in a broadway play and see her as someone totally different than I know her to be?

Well, from a life-time of darting under the radar- being a mom and a backup vocalist and a helper in classrooms, shelter and centers around the world... and the girl behind the camera - I find myself up in front for a season. Actually doing a job that has a title. I am an art teacher. It's only for a few weeks. I've been getting the first graders of Kingsway School ready to paint on canvases that will be auctioned off at a big gala affair in July. This week we used paints for the first time. Oooooh. Beautiful. Messy. Enlightening. Darling. Messy.

I actually wondered... what I must look like as a teacher? I've never been a teacher before, and the thought is kind of curious to me - so since I had my friend, Morne, along with me for the afternoon - I asked him to take a picture of me being a teacher so I could see for myself.

And there you go.

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