24 June 2011

Michelle Obama, GoLang Education and the Kingsway School connection

On the 21st of June Michelle Obama, her 2 daughters and mother visited our Golang pre school. After 3 weeks of planning and security checks, the big day finally arrived. 10 black Hummers a helicopter and sharp shooters on the roof of the building was the announcement that someone very important is coming. 20 press people ran from the cars and then Mrs Obama and her family entered- with big smiles and warm hearts. They took our breath away. They hugged every single child and all the teachers. They participated in all the songs and games- even grandmother was swinging her hips. Mrs Obama then read a story-the cat in the hat- to all the children. The US team also donated books for our library. We felt so very blessed by our special visitor and see it as God's amazing gift just a week before our 10th birthday.

Yes Golang Outreach is 10 years old this year and we are having a celebration on the 1st of July. Visit our website for more info: http://www.golangoutreach.co.za/.

Many people ask us what happens with the beautiful kids in our preschool where do they go when the leave the safe, nurturing environment of Golang. We are sad to say that without our direct intervention most of them go to the local overcrowded public school, where they will be one of 70 in a Gr 1 classroom container with no lights. The good news is that there is hope and that is in the form of a private school called Kingsway. This school has a heart for the community of Zandspruit and has been serving their children for the last 20 years, but they are far and children need to be bussed at expensive cost to the property in Randpark Ridge. They are also small because of limited space.

A few years ago though, Kingsway was donated a property in Zandspruit and plans have been drawn up to build a top quality school for our little kids- for 1500 of them. But we cannot do it without your help. We need your financial support to build this dream school and to change the future of the Zandspruit kids and to help change the face of poverty in this community, Good quality education is the only answer to turn poverty into potential.

Please support our fundraising initiatives and help where you can.

Marietjie Steyn (Golang Founder)

*photography of Michelle Obama at GoLang preschool

courtesy of the Randburg Sun and GoLang Education

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