27 June 2011


Every year, our church opens it's doors to hundreds upon hundreds of kids from our area for a week of fabulousity. The past few years, we've grown - grown to numbers topping 1000! That's a lot of kids for one little church to host. And we are keenly aware that those numbers are only limited because of transportation for many of the little ones. Every year we see kids walking 3KM or 5Km - or even further - following the bus after it was too full to carry everyone who had been waiting.

So this year, we do like you do in South Africa ... and we "made a plan". Bussing is one of our biggest expenses, and it limits how many kids get to come join the fun. So we've decided instead of bringing the kids to holiday club - we'd bring holiday club to the kids. 6 separate venues - partnering with local churches and organizations who maybe didn't feel like they could swing an entire production on their own. I'll be popping in and out of the six locations - and then leading the art program at GoLang in Zandspruit.

6 locations - 6 sets of young adult leaders - made up mostly of kids from our Friday night youth group at Community Ministries. It's amazing to see these teenagers taking charge - getting the kids enthused - leading them in games and songs and bible stories, keeping order, sharing love. I'm crazy proud of them! And super excited for the rest of this week.

sweetest thing I heard today in art class: I was busy spraying hairspray on the kids' inked papers today, so that tomorrow when we start layering on the glue, their letters don't smear. There was one particular little one who was standing downwind, just breathing deeply the mist from the spray. I was worried for a moment until I hear a tiny voice say "this smells just like my momma at Christmas."


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