02 June 2011

Sharing a birthday

Today we get to celebrate Billy. And Phidile. And yesterday was Orapeleng's special day.
A spontaneous gang gathered at Motswako Pot to enjoy pap & chakalaka & meat. To enjoy time together.

We are Thankful for community. For friends. For Billy.

Tomorrow Billy gets on a plane to fly to the US for a few weeks leaving the kids and I here in South Africa. Don't worry about us. We've got lots to do and lots of people who love us. Pray for Billy's time in the states with us though. In addition to visiting family and eating as much Mexican food as one person can hold, we need to raise some substantial new sponsorships to keep alive our living and ministry here in Johannesburg. If i sit and stare at the number we are praying for, it seems like a crazy number, a number bigger than God will ever raise up. But it's one we've come up with through a lot of prayer, seeking advice from mentors and friends, and looking through our budget. One that will both keep us here, and allow us to live generously.

Next week we are going to offer a couple of ways you can get involved if you have found yourself falling deeply in love with this place and the relational journeying we do here - like we have.

Or if you'd like to jump into the pond and become one of those monthly sponsors we've been praying will raise their hands during the month of June- all you have to do is click on the picture to the right that says "you're a part of this story too" and it will zip you over to our page at CTEN - our mission organization - with easy ways to contribute through credit card or they'll even set up a monthly with drawl.

It's so humbling, and also so exciting to be completely funded by the generosity of our friends and community. People knowing the value of our lives here. People wanting to be a part of something so big and so delightful and so messy. It costs all of us something, and that's actually the beautiful part of it. Because it matters. Not everything we do in our lives can hold to that claim. We (not just DiCoccos - but all of us, all of you, engaged in this space through our hands and feet) are doing something that matters. Something much bigger than any one of us - that can only work with all of us together.

Thank you.

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