06 July 2011

Kingsway Gala Event

Adorable, right?

I know.

This is one of 20 canvases that will be auctioned off at the

Kingsway Gala Event

I honestly thought about keeping this one - hiding it away and finding it "accidentally" on my wall at home. I LOOOOOVE this sweet little monkey - and the little monkey who painted it is precious too.

23 Canvases that were painted by our first grade class and the first grade class of Maragon Private school will be available at the event, along with sets of custom greeting cards. This has been what our Monday afternoons for the last two months have all been about. A way for these kids to be part of the building of their new school. The school many of these little ones will have the privilege of graduating from high school from, and benefiting from an amazing eduction.

And oh, how sparkling these first graders are.

Kingsway has the unique opportunity to move right into the neighborhood that many of their kids live in. Land has been given, walls have been begun - and now we wait on the funding to finish building the new school.

On July 21, Kingsway is hosting a gala event

the African Children's Choir will be there

South African Idols winner Elvis Blue will be there

Billy and I will be there along with with

art work from our favorite first graders.

Tickets are R400

We'd love to see you there too!

Invest in the South Africa's future by investing in these kids'

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