14 December 2011

making it up to you

Welcome to Burundi - Karibu

I've decided to make up for my absence in our shared space here in dicoccoville by spending the rest of December and January meeting you every day in picture blog of our moments here in Bujumbura. This will help me to 1.be brave enough to get my camera out every day even though I don't currently have any 'assignments' and 2.give us things to talk about together, about life and culture and beauty. Billy goes to work every day in an office - and office that provides loans to the poorest margin here in Burundi - I'll share moments in that environment and also share with you every day moments of what life is like here in Burundi - for us and hopefully for the majority.

Nearly every day we walk to a small cafe, not far from the office in downtown Bujumbura, for lunch. The food is simple, and always the same, but hearty and good. Beans, rice, lingalinga (which is a bit like spinach), boiled potatoes, and a single cube of slow cooked meat served in a pool of sauce. Billy orders his with ubugali , a sticky mound of bread dough made from wheat and cassava. He tears off pieces with his fingers and molds it in his hand to use as a spoon to scoop up his lunch.

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