06 December 2011

Tomorrow I fly to Burundi

But in the mean time, I've been having a lovely time here in my other home - South Africa. We've had sleep overs and picnics and long walks and longer chats and even played with baby lions.

I've so enjoyed my time here in South Africa. In many ways it feels as if I never left. But then I'll be at the store and think "Oh, I can pick up cream soda cuz Maddie likes it" and then realize, she's not here with me. Or as I'm driving home from a day in Zandspruit, I'll think "I wonder how the kids have been all day. We should take a walk when I get home." As much as I'm loving my time, It's hard being here without my kids around. That is true.

I've talked to them, and to Billy, a few times in my time here. My internet is sparse so it hasn't been as often as I'd hoped. I'm thankful for Skype though. And for email and Facebook. I don't know if I could do this without all those connector points. Billy's reports from Burundi are good. He is continuing to thrive in Turame. The reports from the news continue to speak of violence though - and that really does mess with my head and my heart. I know that my response should be to bump up my prayers - but often times, my prayers turn to mush when my heart begins to get fearful. Right now I am praying though. Praying for all this to turn into no-big-deal and for us to experience only the richness of the east african culture and have the opportunity to spend ourselves completely in love and God's goodness.

So, keep praying with me. All shall be well. It already is.

and we'll talk soon - from Burundi.

(PS) I've been trying to upload images for you to enjoy - i've taken such fun ones of some of the kids here I love so dearly. For some reason my speed is too sluggish and you aren't getting to see them. Huge disappointment to me. But hopefully soon.


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